In several posts I have spoken about creating a dare in life. By taking on a challenge in life one can expand and grow. My belief is that when we step outside the comforts of our safe circle of experience, things we do not yet know can happen. My decision was to take that unknown step and see what shows up.

Confronting fears is a great way to move out of the safety zone. In working with my wonderful life coach, I’ve had the opportunity to stretch. When we explored my deeper fears it did not take long for me to get in touch with one of my strongest ones: deep water. Now I can go out in a boat over deep water; what I am revealing here is my breath taking fear of drowning in deep water. Yes, I do believe it’s likely a past life remembrance, as I have not had any near drownings in this life. I do not go into water that is over my head. Ever.

To face my fear and move right through it, I would have to dive down into deep water. Doing that deed never was appealing. Even when both my sons took SCUBA lessons I had no desire to do a dive. Too scared. I just wanted to stay safe. In fact, I thought it was crazy to put on an oxygen tank and go into the underwater world; it felt to me like risking my life.

But now I am determined to move beyond this fear. To get started, I visited a local dive shop to look around and get a feel for the equipment and the training one would need before diving. Then an opportunity came to take a Thanksgiving vacation with my family to Puerto Vallarta. I thought that this could allow me to take a chance of supervision with experienced divers. Whew! It still feels out of my comfort zone, but I felt the urge and courage to challenge myself. I'll write more about it next time.

Many times, before in my life I have walked past fears, hesitations, and reluctance only surprisingly to receive tremendous growth for being willing to dare. Many times in the past, I have done challenges alone; however not this time.

To succeed, assistance and guidance is smart. Find the help you deserve.

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