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Thyroid, Power, Voice

Most know the importance of the thyroid gland for its metabolic role in the body. However, many people are unaware of the influence that this small powerful gland has on our psyche and spiritual energy. The thyroid produces stimulating hormones to increase the rate we utilize food. Food, in turn, contains potential energy helping cells do their work.

Think of thyroid like a symphony of activities that initiates action at the cell level.

The thyroid also coordinates physical influences while inter-connecting with energetic realms. It’s the chicken and egg phenomena. In truth, they are not separate. When our mind holds certain ideas, beliefs, or fear, it influences our cell physiology.

So when the thyroid is under or over active and we can feel a loss of energy and strength, and our mind is involved as well. Statistically women experience thyroid dysfunction more than men by about four to one.


Why is that? From my perspective, women are innately sensitive, living in a culture where she is not fully seen, heard or appreciated, leading to inner beliefs of unworthiness and self-doubt. Becoming aware of unconscious thoughts is helpful to move toward healing. Giving conscious thought to our mind and physical bodies can change everything.

Louise Hay first wrote about mind and physical connection in her ground-breaking book* in the 1970’s. In her work, she identifies inner beliefs with physical manifestations and thyroid is associated with humiliation and limiting beliefs. Where may you feel a disconnect?

Our voice is our power. Our thyroid is our power. I invite you to be strong in both. What I am teaching here is the amazing power of the mind.


Affirmations spoken every single day can begin your thought process in changing your life. A daily habit of affirmative statements begins the dismantling of unconscious thoughts. And I might add, the more resistant you may feel about this process, the more likely you can benefit. Try it for twenty-one days.


My coaching work includes tapping into the power of your own healing and changing your life.

*You Can Heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay, Hay House Inc., Carlsbad, CA 1999

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