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Daring to Speak My Truth

Women, myself included, have been socialized to speak softly, kindly, hiding deeper feelings, her power and desires. This left me with a quiet speaking voice most of my life. It has taken decades to unpeel those layers. Lately I’ve been daring myself to change that. It first started about 15 years ago by joining Toastmasters International. Speaking in Toastmasters helped me to reclaim my confident voice. Singing in a women’s “kitchen band” was a wonderful adventure having fun finding my playful voice. Then, two years ago I joined an Interfaith Gospel Choir here in Portland, OR and I continue to sing loud, strong and proud.

But still somehow, I felt unfulfilled. By joining singing groups, I challenged my deep belief (besides being told) that I could not sing. Behind that message lay the deepest fear of all – speaking out and being noticed. To be invisible felt more comfortable. This is why I (and others) are reluctant to speak publicly. One fear for most people is, and studies have revealed this fact, that public speaking is a greater fear than dying!

I am moving through what feels like an old idea with constriction around my voice. I now speak easily at my job at the National University of Natural Medicine teaching in the classroom. Additionally, I speak at medical seminars in the U.S. and Canada. However, I face my biggest challenge ever, speaking what I passionately believe. What truly is my passion is about women, power and love. This is now my Dare.

As I challenge myself to being a strong, vibrant public speaker who reveals my deeper soul in front of my audience, I dare to air topics about my own fears and my own experiences.

Now, I begin by revealing to you by personal Dare. By airing my deeper thoughts, I will continue to challenge myself to dip deeper while reaching for higher levels of self-awareness, self-love, and self-evolution.

Care to join me? By stepping into your dare, it will help your growth beyond what you have imagined you can be.

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