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    Mentorship, Guidance, Coaching for the Naturopathic Physician

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    Are you feeling isolated,

    want some practical guidance,

    need useful tools for practice management or

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    Healing Practice Matters can be your lifeline to sanity and success.


    “Nothing affects health more than the heart and mind” - Pamela Jeanne

  • How to Work with Pamela

    Offering 2 Unique Mentoring Programs

    Mentor Me ND

    ND Programs will help you:

    • Create the medical practice of your dreams
    • Access the strength and wisdom of your inner leader 
    • Clear doubts and fears in the way of a flourishing practice
    • Align with your uniquely creative expression
    • Learn strategies to make your practice a success
    • Build a foundation of authentic confidence
    Access the value of your unique expression as an alternative doctor, create a thriving practice aligned with your purpose, and learn to navigate the medical realm without loosing a sense of the true medicine that you carry.

    Heal Your Life Coaching

    Working with Pamela will help you:

    • Access and know your innate guidance system
    • Learn to trust your inner intuitive voice
    • Release fear, old blocks and self-defeating thought patterns
    • Transform your life with love
    • Access clarity and align with your life’s purpose
    • Learn tools for integrating and living an authentic life

    Women today are heeding an inner call to reclaim and integrate forgotten aspects of themselves, to become whole and free, so that they may live authentically inspired and purposeful lives.



    “When you live an authentic and inspired life, getting older becomes richer, in body, mind and spirit.” -- Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne

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  • About Dr. Pamela Jeanne

    Love and Kindness in Medicine

    Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne is a Naturopathic Doctor, with over 50-years of experience in the medical profession; which includes a twenty-five year professorship at the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, where she taught numerous courses, and most importantly, her revered experiential course, Nature Cure. She is a published author of Healing Matters: Celebrating Women’s Innate Healing Nature, and is both a certified facilitator and coach of Louise Hay’s work Heal Your Life. In 2017 she was recognized as an honored elder of The Women of the 14th Moon; a mantel that she carries with dignity and grace.

    Dr. Pamela lives in high service to the awakening of the feminine spirit, which she recognizes as the true medicine being called forth for the healing and rebalancing of our planet.

    “When a woman knows herself she naturally connects to a deep abiding wisdom that becomes her clear guidance. She stops looking externally for validation, becomes sovereign in her truth as she becomes whole. And, she steps into true leadership through her inspiration to uniquely and creatively express, participate, sustain resonance, nourish herself, and nurture life.”
    Women worldwide are looking to those fearless, fully integrated women who carry the medicine of unifying sisterhood and who abide in sovereign, graceful leadership. Dr. Pamela is such an inspired leader.
    Dr. Pamela lives a life of gratitude, meditates, practices yoga, and loves gardening and time in nature. She is the grandmother to three beautiful beings and resides with her furry friends in her lovely northwest home.

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    Pamela's Accolades & Accomplishments

    A lifetime of service

    • In 2015 Dr. Pamela Sky Jeanne was inducted into the Naturopathic Hall of Fame.
    • In 2016 she was awarded the NWNPC Dr. Kenneth Harmon award for excellence in Naturopathic medical practice.
    • 1994-1997: served as vice president then president of Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) reviving a failing organization.
    • 1990 received Honors in clinical medicine upon graduation of National College of Natural Medicine. 
    • Adjunct Faculty Instructor National College of Natural Medicine, Sept. 1992 to present,  25 years. Designing curriculum and teaching natural medicine courses in emergency medicine, philosophy and hydrotherapy.
    • Medical Director & Owner of Natural Medicine Works, Sept. 1991 to present, nearly 26 years. Consultant to physicians and consumers for practical, nutritional and hormonal approaches to staying well in the aging process.
  • Client Testimonials

    Here's what my clients have to say.....

    Delores Stephens, ND

    Naturopathic Physician

    Dr. Stephens is a recent graduate of NUMN and is presently setting up her new practice.

  • Michelle Clark, Hollen Wine - VP of Sales

    Pamela was a doctor I shadowed for a week. Her patient results we amazing. The care she showed her patients and the trust they had in her were impressive. I enjoyed learning from her greatly varied protocols and the smooth methods she used to run her office. It all seemed so effortless and intensely rewarding. I hope she continues to practice and guide students for many years to come.

    Donna L. Beck, Owner - A Family Wellness Center

    Dr. Pamela Jeanne RN ND has been both my teacher and my colleague. I admire and respect her greatly.She is such a well rounded doctor because she thoroughly embraces both the science and art of medicine. She brings love and wisdom with her wherever she goes!

  • Healing Matters:

    Celebrating Women's Innate Healing Nature

    Pamela's book helps us rediscover the ancient, effective, and feminine ways of healing.

  • Pamela's Wisdom

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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